Experts in the problem of how behaviour affects adherence, Observia has developed an additional savoir-faire in measuring adherence itself. Our Analytics offer finely measures patient adherence in a given therapeutic class, driven by real-life data.

Compliance, persistence, MPR…better understand your adherence

Our savoir-faire consists in analysing MPR in detail – Medication Possession Ratio (the ratio between what is prescribed and what is delivered in a given period), according to two axes, compliance and persistence.

  • Persistence: The degree to which patients remain on treatment
  • Compliance: The degree to which persistent patients administer the medication in compliance with prescription (diet, dosage, respecting the times of taking the medication…)

Dedicated data

In order to conduct these analyses, Observia uses anonymized longitudinal patient data, primarily via the distribution of medication in pharmacies.

An innovative and pertinent approach

Thanks to our approach, we can identify the underlying adherence levels and the different degree of adherence (by product, age class, geographic zone…). We can also identify the patient types that would benefit the most from support programmes, better understand the issues linked with non-adherence (switch, stopping the treatment, not respecting doctors’ recommendations…) and measure its economic impact.

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