Why Observia?

Similar to other industries, Life Sciences is intensely competitive. Yet unlike other industries, who continue to emphasise customer service as their #1 priority, many healthcare organizations struggle to place their end customer - the patient - at the heart of their organisation’s operational initiatives.

Thanks to Observia’s experience in running numerous patient support programs across Europe, our exposure to the complexities, constraints and challenges of this highly specific activity is exhaustive. Like most companies that decide to bring dramatically new innovations to the world, we had our share of surprises and difficulties in our early years along with our successes. Customers struggling with these same issues increasingly turned to us and we created our consulting offer to help them avoid the pain and enjoy the satisfaction of putting together seamless patient support initiatives, whether we run them or not, by leveraging our deep well of relevant expertise.

Helping bring your projects to life

Today, our team, drawing on our diverse skillsets, provides support and solutions in the following key areas:

  • Insight generation & analytics
  • Collaborative decision-making
  • Support tools and process definition

We help you design practical solutions to improve patient experience, aligned with your core business objectives, factoring in constraints inherent in your operating environments.

A variety of projects at the local or international level

Rather than a litany on our methodologies & case studies, we have listed a few selected questions often posed by our customers to offer you a flavour of how we can help:

Local issues:

  • What practical digital innovations can we offer our hospital clients to lessen their administrative workload?
  • How can I analyse the patient experience along their care pathway to provide useful services?
  • How can we more effectively communicate our support program’s value to different stakeholders (payers, HCPs, patients, carers)?
  • What methods can we use to encourage pharmacists to proactively address patient non-adherence?

International issues:

  • Can you recommend appropriate patient strategies considering the current level of maturity of our organization?
  • Could you help us develop a common evaluation methodology for our EMEA programs and put the required tools in place?
  • How can we better apply patient behavioural insights in our e-heath solutions at a local country level?
  • Could you provide a benchmark of competitive patient support solutions in Europe in our core disease area?

Become patient experience & adherence experts

Everybody is talking about patient-centricity & adherence, but are we conscious of the critical stakes these terms really cover and the levers that can be used to bring them to life?

Observia will train your teams on the fundamentals and provide answers to your nagging questions

We organize bespoke training sessions customised to your needs and to the level of knowledge of your professionals. We’ll design and conduct comprehensive, full-day training sessions for your internal teams, your scientific committees and your board members, when and where you require, or condense a session into a 2 to 3-hour format.


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