Our vocation

Our vocation is to impact patients’ behaviour in a positive way. To accomplish this, Observia designs, develops and deploys multichannel solutions intended for patients and healthcare professionals. Today, an impressive array of solutions have been put in place in Europe covering over 20 different diseases. These pioneering projects, including a first-of-its-kind digital pharmacy patient interview and education platform, are being used by thousands of healthcare professionals and tens of thousands of patients on a daily basis.

Our expertise

We offer expertise in three key areas:

  • Deep knowledge of health psychology and behavioural science
  • Command of new technologies and e-health solutions and their integration
  • Detailed understanding of healthcare eco-systems

Synergies between and across our areas of expertise allows Observia to design impactful industry-leading solutions that are optimised, personalised and win the hearts and minds of people involved, whether they are a patient, carer or healthcare professional.

Our approach

Conscious of the fact that the healthcare sector has been in constant flux over the past few years and that chronic patients play a prominent and increasing role in their own care, each e-health solution is developed in collaboration with all healthcare partners to design solutions that work for all. When appropriate, solutions also streamline and optimise care between a patient’s home, physicians practicing in the community and specialists in a secondary care setting.

Come and discover our expertise, approach and innovative model for personalising our e-health solutions in more detail!