Four principles to ensure success

A successful e-health solution can best be defined as a solution that is simple and accessible, co-created amongst involved parties, personalized and perfectly integrated with each user’s daily habits and work processes, whether they are patients, carers or healthcare professionals. It’s the combination of these four principles that will ensure a lasting patient commitment to the support programme and more proactive management of their condition.

Thinking about solutions that are simple and accessible to everyone

Some situations are complex and require significant education and motivation. Others are simple. Interventions depend on the patient, the pathology and the situation. It is sometimes simple actions, such as a short two minute discussions at the pharmacy counter, or an SMS message that can help change a patient’s behaviour, reassuring them or simply helping in their daily life.

Principles of co-creation

Patients evolve in a diverse environment, in contact with doctors, paramedical staff, nurses, pharmacists, patient associations, carers, and their family and loved-ones. It is therefore important to bring involved stakeholders together to decide on the best support solutions using a co-creative approach.

Anchor solutions in practices

Healthcare professionals practice in an environment where every minute is precious. It is therefore essential to offer them services that are easy to initiate and that allow them to optimise their time and patient care. To achieve this, each project should be embedded in their everyday practice.

Personalise the patient experience

The patient experience is fundamental. We develop personalized solutions that are adapted to the profile of each patient. This personalisation approach enables the programme to recommend the most impactful and pertinent services and content to each patient, whether that interaction takes place in a person-to-person encounter or via automated communication such as an app, a website or an SMS.

Thanks to this approach, and our experience and knowledge of the health ecosystem, we can advise you on the services that are most adapted to your target audiences and their unmet needs.