Multichannel solutions: Print, direct, digital…

There are many different channels available to communicate with patients and provide support. These can include medical liaison diaries, home visits, SMS coaching, virtual assistants, online games, pharmacy interviews, digital therapeutic patient education, reminders, starter kits, local association events, e-learning training, telephone centres…

Observia programs offer a large range of functionalities, but more importantly, we provide a framework to help determine how best to use each channel for each patient, within the boundaries of a given program’s scope.

This ensures that each patient benefits from the solution that is best adapted to him or her. Whether the patient is adolescent or elderly, technophile or technophobe, living in an urban or rural location, with a family or alone…… and most importantly, from content that is entirely adapted to that particular patient’s clinical and psychological profile.

How do we make all these eHealth solutions accessible to patients, carers and healthcare professionals?

The platform, the heart of the e-health solution

Observia uses a digital platform. This platform is at the heart of each patient support programme and notably allows healthcare professionals to enrol their patients, centralise information (in a secure manner) and track patients over time. Patients can connect to the platform, alone or with the help of a third party, in order to configure the programme and adapt it to their needs.

Adapt the patient support programme to each user

Observia personalises its programmes for each individual user’s profile and invests in research and development to constantly fine tune personalisation algorithms.

Observia has developed, in partnership with leading academics, a scientific approach enabling the modelling patient behaviour, thereby offering each patient the support that is best adapted to his or her personality and needs, whether it be in terms of content or communication channels.