Measure “real-life” value

Well-designed e-health solutions improve the patient experience and motivate adherence… this is well proven and we measure it regularly. Observia conducts impact studies that can prove value of these solutions to all stakeholders: healthcare professionals, patients, industry actors, payers…

There are several methods and approaches to these types of studies, ranging from relatively simple market research techniques through randomized control trials to qualitative ethnographic approaches. Observia has mastered them all in order to research the phenomena of the patient experience and fully understand the impact of initiatives to help support patients.

Observia can accompany you in every step of your study project:

Design & Protocol

We will work together to define your objectives, then validate the protocol and endpoints, whether they be:

  • Medical (HB1aC, pain…)
  • Emotional (quality of life, satisfaction, isolation, anxiety…)
  • Behavioural (rate of adherence using the MPR, validated questionnaires, activation…)

Lastly, take into account the regulatory parameters of data management, pharmacovigilance and create your eCRF.

Recruitment & Training

Our Studies department is in charge of recruiting voluntary investigators to participate in the study and train them in recruiting patients. By choosing Observia to conduct your studies, you will also be able to benefit from a network of over 5000 partner pharmacies

Data analysis

A key stage in the project, we conduct all the quantitative and qualitative analyses of the study’s data and render them comprehensible in order to generate valid, publishable results


We will help you write scientific publications and press releases, we will participate in medical congresses alongside you in order to communicate the results of the study etc.

You have put in place e-health solutions for patients or healthcare professionals and would like to measure their impact and benefit? We would be more than happy to know more about your project…


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