Patient Initiative interactive toolkit

Problem : innovating in patient initiatives through behavioral sciences Our client is a key decision maker in the global Patient Centricity team of a major pharmaceutical company (top-10). For many years, the company has been developing initiatives for patients and their caregivers. In recent years, several patient support programs have been launched by its teams worldwide: North America, Europe, ...

Peritoneal Dialysis Patient Behaviour Study in China

Understanding patients’ daily experience and journey with dialysis Patients suffering from chronic kidney disease (CKD) need to cope with demanding treatments and complex intrusive medical devices necessary for the administration of in-home peritoneal dialysis (PD). Baxter China develops a range of therapeutic treatments for these patients but also offers support services to improve their experie ...

Outcomes of a pharmacist intervention on diabetic patients

Problem Diabetes is a chronic disease that is increasingly prevalent in France (a 38% increase in 7 years) and accounts for nearly 10% of health spending. The many complications associated with diabetes contribute substantially to this spending and occur when diabetes is insuffi ciently controlled. The current therapeutic objective of the treatment is measured by HbA1c levels, which should be